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For over 30 years Bob and his dear friend Yehuda (Jewish Scholar and Guide) have studied and traveled the length and breadth of The Land. They have led 40 intensive Study Tours to Israel, and shared deeply the truths from God’s Word.

BOB C. ROSS - Bob has been an avid student of God’s Word for over 50 years, and has dedicated his life to the study of Jesus, His ministry, and the Land of his Birth. Many seed thoughts sown in Bob’s early years have grown in the crucible of this research and writing. Discover Israel and The Jewishness of Jesus have been his focus of study for the past five decades.

YEHUDA HECHT - Although a Jew, Yehuda majored in New Testament studies at the Hebrew University, and minored in the Crusades. He has fought in three wars, and is considered a war hero in Israel. His unique Jewish perspective, deep knowledge of the language and land, and experiences relating to his native Jerusalem all bring a unique perspective to our tour. His firsthand knowledge of the conflicts between Israel and her Arab neighbors has given every tour an insightful "behind the curtain" view of the Middle East.

Bob and Yehuda have united as partners, bringing together over 100 years of research and study!

Bob C. Ross

Tour Host & Teacher

Yehuda Hecht

Certified Tour Guide


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