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Discover Israel - An Illustrated Guide

Discover Israel - An Illustrated Guide is a comprehensive pro-Israel reference guidebook to God’s Land. Dr. Ross divides the Land into its natural geographical sections, and imparts understanding as he shares the Biblical, Historical, Archaeological, Geographical and Political details.

Israel is the “Fifth Gospel”. The better we understand this “Gospel” of God’s Land, the better we will interpret God’s Word, and the teachings of His Son, the Jewish Jesus. The Land of Israel is 256 miles long, 68 miles wide, but her unique history is 4,000 years deep. Discover Israel helps you to “mentally layer” your learning experience, leading to a better understanding of the Bible.

Discover Israel gives an overview of Israel, to prepare you for your visit to the Land. It is the perfect guidebook for your visit, and will become your research companion after you return. Perhaps best of all, it is an incredible “arm-chair tour” of God’s Land for those who may never actually visit Israel.

This beautiful 200 page book is truly a “coffee table” treasure, with over 400 thrilling photographs, illustrations and maps related to Israel.

Our new E-publication of Discover Israel contains over 1,300 photographs linked to God’s Land.




The Author - Dr. Bob C. Ross

Dr. Ross was born in Kentucky, and attended Georgetown College, in the heart of the Bluegrass. He received his M.Div. from New Orleans Seminary, and pastored in Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas for over 50 years. He received his Ph.D. in Jewish Studies in 2011.

After living in Israel in 1959-60, researching, teaching (for 55 years) and leading 40 study tours, Dr. Ross has become a leading authority on God’s Land. He is founder and director of Discover Israel Ministries, teaching Christians about Israel and their 1st Century Jewish roots.